My vision

My vision is still in its early stages of development as I want to take the time to really consider how I can best use my experience of both being somebody with multiple chronic illnesses and a clinical psychologist to create a space for us to really learn from and listen to each other. I want to take the time to really hear others’ perspectives, both patients, carers, loved ones and doctors and discuss how they think I can add to all the amazing work already happening in the world.

For now my vision is to write about physical, mental health and all the things psychology, whilst connecting with and learning from experts by training and experts by experience, whilst taking care of myself to the best of my ability

My mission statement

Bringing people together through a recognition of our common humanity

My values (The 6 E’s) 


There is not one person in this world you would not feel empathy towards if you knew their whole story


Communicate honestly and with respect, listen with an open heart and good intent


We are all human, we are all equal, we all deserve to be heard, we are all needed to guide the world in its development


The ability to learn from each other and ourselves is the most important tool we have


The essence of humanity should be the empowerment of ourselves and each other


The value of humour should never be underestimated. Being able to respectfully laugh at our own and each other’s vulnerabilities and differences can be a fantastic conduit for true empathy, engagement, equality, education and empowerment


5 thoughts on “We are more alike than we are unalike

  1. This is what we need! Someone with a degree and with pain. I’m sorry you got picked! 🙂
    You can be invaluable to those of us who are stumped with certain issues that we can not figure out any solutions. I have a wonderful Therapist, and she still can help. But sometimes……

    I’m wondering if you are going to write some of the support of lack of, that your received during this time. And did you have children, married? I don’t mean to pry, but if you have some of these things, then it helps those of us who do. Even if you are smart enough to have dogs and cats (lol), you are still a wealth of info! Stats are clear that support is a large part of getting better, But typically, it seems I see on pain site is just the opposite. Now I’m “in trouble for not having self esteem”. How does one have that when it’s beat out of you psychologically? I’m tired of the double standards, and just weary of 13 years of more letters after my name that have nothing to do with an education! 🙂

    I don’t understand why families (immediate) don’t educated themselves, and then analyze things and are on 6th base! (right, there isn’t a 6th base!)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Cathy, thank you very much for your comments. Yes it definitely sucks that I have had to experience the suffering of a chronic illness, but as you said at least I can do something positive with it hopefully. I have not yet decided how much information about myself to share, as I am still trying to figure out how much specific details to go into given the therapeutic aspects of my work, particularly the need to consider the therapeutic impact of sharingpersonal details current or future clients may read. I will be definitely sharing more information on myself as things progress.

    What I can tell you right however is that I do have cats 🙂

    I checked out your Facebook page, it looks really good. I think the impact of our illness on our family, friends and carers, and of course our relationships with them, is not always considered. Not understanding what is going on they often feel disempowered and helpless resulting in people responding to their loved ones chronic illness in a variety of ways. Your idea of helping to empower family and friends, and the community at large, by providing information to educate them on the experiences of a person with a chronic health problems, in addition to encouraging our loved ones to learn more about our illnesses is a great endeavour. I look forward to hearing your comments of my future blogs.


  3. Hello!

    I hope you’re well. I am wondering if you would be willing to let your subscribers get an email notification every time you post. If so, there’s a widget available under “Appearance” called “Follow Blog: Follow Blog via Email.” I keep forgetting to check back, but I’d love to read what you post, when you post it!



  4. Just wanted to say I really like your About page (aka My Story) and your vision. I am sorry for that you suffer at all. Praise God for your passion to help others. May the Lord bless you. Praying for you, your health, and your mission. God loves you, Krissy!


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