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I think we can all agree that laughter can be the best medicine, and it may not be for everyone, but for me personally I love a bit of humour when it comes to dealing with all the seriousness and challenges of life. So, I figured for today’s Thought Provoking Thursday, why not see if we can give each other a chuckle.

I imagine we all have different sayings within our communities and cultures about a whole range of things in life, including mental health and emotional well-being. And of course things that we were said to us growing up within our communities. Some of these will have been good for our emotional development and some of them perhaps questionable to say the least, but I know many of them still make me smile.

Here are two of my favourites from my home, County Tyrone in Northern Ireland:

A common Interaction in my village that really makes me giggle is that when you ask each other, ‘Well, (meaning hello), how are ya?, the other person will more often than not reply with, ‘Grand (meaning fine), sure there is no point in complaining nobody listens anyway’.ā€¦ I just love the honesty šŸ˜Š

The second is said by a lot of people in my area, but particularly my mom, who might say it 10 times in one day. When any of us talk about something we are finding difficult or are talking about something that has happened, she will frequently reply, ‘Well that’s just the way it is’. So much so that we have decided that when the time comes and she is no longer with us (hopefully not for quite a while yet), we are seriously getting it engraved on her headstone)šŸ˜‚

I look forward to hearing yours. We are from all over the world so I imagine there will be some good ones.

I am also curious how do you feel about the use of humour and comedy when it comes to some serious issues in life?

As always much love to you all


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