Thought Provoking Thursday

During Mental Health Awareness Week I took the opportunity to ask some questions which are perhaps difficult at times to think about, to help us speak honestly about the stigma and confusion that still exists in society regarding mental health, and even if we are honest sometimes within ourselves.

Every evening I posted what I termed #thoughtprovokingquestions regarding mental health on my various social media outlets. I have to say the open and honest discussion that ensued were heartwarming, allowing all of us to speak openly, yet respectfully and without judgement. As the week came to an end it seemed vital these discussions continue. Therefore, my final question for the week was:

As Mental Health Awareness Week ends, how would you feel about continuing these important discussions in the form of – Thought Provoking Thursday (#TPT)? The response was amazing and so many people were interested. I have decided that every Thursday I will post a question regarding important mental and physical health issues, in addition to wider societal and psychological insights.

You will have the opportunity to connect and comment here on my blog as well as on my various social media accounts, depending on which ones you tend to use.

Just click the links below.




If you don’t feel like commenting that is okay, but if you have five minutes take the opportunity to think about what the questions bring up for you. Also why not share them on your timeline to get some important conversations going. I believe that sometimes in order to really break through these barriers we need to be honest about our own understandable lack of understanding and the prejudices we will have inevitably developed throughout our life.

In order to make it as collaborative as possible I would also like to post some of your questions as well, rather than just including questions narrowed by my mind and my mind alone. So if you have a #thoughtprovokingquestion you would like me to raise then please do contact me a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

Here are the questions from last week, let me know your thoughts. I will be adding the new ones here every week for quick reference.

Let’s do this!

For the month of September, I thought I would try out something slightly different for my Thought-Provoking Thursday project. Instead of the usual question format, I thought it would be interesting to take a word or concept and ask you all to complete the sentence.

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