Welcome to the third week of our online community sentence completion project, as part of Thought-Provoking Thursday, and what an inspiring two weeks it has been. We have discussed mental health and suicide, had some incredible conversations and shared some beautiful and at times painful insights.

We have given a voice to an integral human experience, considering its entire spectrum, from emotional wellness to the all too common experience of hopelessness and despair.

Health tends to be broken down into physical health and mental health. There is so much to reflect upon with regards to this alone. Like the words mental health, physical health will mean different things to different people.

I thought it would be interesting to explore this week what physical health means to you.

Today I would like us to finish this sentence:

Physical health is…

physical health is...

Once again here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Tip 1: try not to over think it, write down what first comes to your mind.

Tip 2: you may find yourself writing one word, one sentence or a whole paragraph. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Tip 3: there are no right or wrong answers, just the thoughts and associations that come to you in the moment.

Tip 4: your response may be intellectually based or feelings based. It is about sharing something you feel comfortable with, that is respectful yet authentic to you.

Make sure to check back in next week to see what the last sentence (for now) we will be completing together will be.

I will also compile (anonymously) again as many answers as I can so we can see each other’s reflections and continue this conversation with others if we wish.

Much peace, hope and kindness

Dr. Krissy

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