An Online Community Reflection: Chronic illness is…

Every Thursday during the month of September I have asked the many amazing people I have met online – through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – to be part of a slightly different format to my ongoing Thought Provoking Thursday project. Rather than posing a thought-provoking question, like in previous weeks, I have been asking people…Read more »

Thought Provoking Thursday’s Sentence Completion Task: Chronic illness….

Here we are, the fourth and final week (for now) of our online community sentence completion project, as part of Thought-Provoking Thursday (or for today Saturday). What can I say I like to live on the wild side of life, which in reality means self-care has become my priority the last few days, so I am…Read more »

An Online Community Reflection: Physical health is…

During the first two weeks of September we explored mental health and suicide. If you missed them, you can check out a write-up of our reflections by clicking on the links below: An Online Community Reflection: Mental Health Is… An Online Community Reflection: Suicide Is… Together we brought important human experiences out from the shadows…Read more »

Thought Provoking Thursday’s Sentence Completion Task: Physical health is…

Welcome to the third week of our online community sentence completion project, as part of Thought-Provoking Thursday, and what an inspiring two weeks it has been. We have discussed mental health and suicide, had some incredible conversations and shared some beautiful and at times painful insights. We have given a voice to an integral human experience, considering…Read more »

Thought Provoking Thursday’s Sentence Completion Task: Suicide Is…

Welcome to week two of September’s sentence completion task for Thought Provoking Thursday. It is great to see so many people continuing to complete last weeks sentence ‘Mental Health is…’ adding to this important process of learning from each other. You all came up with such beautiful reflections I thought it would be a shame…Read more »

How can we help empower people to be able to talk about suicide?

Talking about suicide and everything surrounding it can be extremely difficult and daunting, whether you are the person experiencing suicidal thoughts or trying to be there for someone who is. We often don’t know what to say or we feel so unprepared for such difficult conversations we might want to walk away. Painful emotions can…Read more »

Thought Provoking Thursday on a Saturday: Learning about your therapist through social media

Due to having a busy few days and the need for some important self care, I did not get the chance to post this week’s ‘Thought Provoking Thursday’ on Thursday. So, yes I’m going to go a little bit wild and post it on a Saturday!! 🙂 What I did do on Thursday was my…Read more »