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I think the sun might be going to my head. I completely forgot to post my thought-provoking question today even though I prepared it this morning. And this is definitely one that I reckon we could talk about until the cows come home 😊

I am currently writing about some of the issues surrounding pathologising mental health difficulties and I have been having various conversations with colleagues in the mental health field about this topic over recent months.

As with everything there are obviously pros and cons to diagnostic labels. It is important that we thoroughly consider the language we use when talking about mental health as we bring to life the central role that it has in all aspects of everyones life.

There is a lot of debate regarding how helpful the medical model is when applied to mental health. In order to research things, particularly quantitatively, we often have to give ideas a very specific label, and in terms of mental health be able to categorise different presentations and emotional, cognitive and behavioural difficulties. It also helps healthcare professionals to understand and treat particular difficulties and many patients also find it a comforting way to make sense of what they are going through.

However, many other patients find a diagnosis extremely distressing with it leaving them feeling quite disempowered and thinking there is something deeply wrong with them.

Just a few of my thoughts. I would love to hear yours.


Dr. Krissy

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