Hi everyone, it is that time of the week again. Are you ready to be brave together?

All of the great conversations we have been having so far have allowed us to break down barriers, share our stories and talk openly and honestly. As we all know really breaking down barriers also means being honest with ourselves about our own prejudices and judgements. The second part is perhaps being brave enough to share them together. What prejudices have you held in your life or do you see emerging in your consciousness even now? The reality is we all have them even if we don’t always like to admit it. There are whole host of psychological reasons why this is the case.

One of my prejudices in the past was towards middle/upper-class people. Growing up in a working class background I found myself often judging those were well off in my secondary school, thinking they were snobs etc. As I got older and developed very close relationships with people with from a wide range of backgrounds I realised how misjudged I was realising a lot of my feelings were due to feeling inferior and not being able to relate as easy to people with different experiences from me.

A prejudice/judgement that I have to continue fighting, and don’t like admitting that I have, is sometimes towards women who tend to spend a great deal of time on their appearance (hair/make up/following fashion trends) on a daily basis. I sometimes find myself becoming frustrated by this increasingly popular aspect of society and judging these women very unfairly. I try to observe these thoughts and own the fact that it again comes from initially feeling like I have less in common with them and also because I am not like this, it can often made me feel quite insecure.

So, anyone else brave enough to share?

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Much love as always


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