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Hi everyone, it is that time of the week again. Join in on another question designed to get our brains thinking and our minds open

As a therapist it is my job to help others develop the insight and tools they need to live their lives as best as possible.

As a client and patient I look to my therapist and healthcare professionals to provide me with the guidance I need to manage my life as best as possible.

As adults we do our best to guide, support and care for the next generation, whilst giving them the tools to grow into centred, independent individuals.

As children and adults we seek support from those around us, whilst also trying to take care of ourselves and of each other.

The fact of the matter is that we need each other, supporting and loving one another in a central part of being a human being. However, When we are experiencing difficulties it can be so hard to know when to ask for help and when to try to look inwards for the answers or do things for ourselves. Likewise when a loved one is struggling, it can be so hard to know how to help: how much do they need you to do for them in that moment? How much do they need you to give them gentle encouragement to do things for themselves? We also wonder when it is time to just listen to a loved one and agree with their beliefs, and when it is perhaps more helpful to help them reflect on things that are perhaps more emotionally charged and not being thought about rationally.

Helping others is a complicated process especially when we are emotionally involved, as is receiving help. As a therapist helping a client without enabling them is a much easier process due to your distance personally as well as the obvious psychological training and skills you have. This support is also what we are doing in many ways in everyday life, in so many interactions that we have each other.

There are no black and white answers as usual :-), but it would be really interesting to hear your reflections on how we can best help ourselves and each other, and the kind of things we perhaps need to look out for and be aware of to find this all important balance of being supported by others and able to find that support within ourselves.

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