Well done for making it to the end of A Week of Mindfulness!

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As it is Friday and I imagine we are all ready to relax if possible, I am going to keep the written part of today’s installment brief. Leaving you with a nice relaxing 10 minute Mindful Breathing Meditation to bring you into the weekend.

As you will have picked up over the week there are a lot of different aspects to mindfulness and mindfulness practice, the focus on the breath being one of them. Our breath is the one continuous thing in our life moment to moment and therefore a great anchor to the present. There are many different types of breathing meditations, all using the breath in slightly different ways to help us connect with ourselves. Mindful breathing is about allowing the breath to flow within us as it is, noticing it, observing it and letting it be.

When you have 10 minutes find a comfortable place to rest your body and listen to the recording below:


Whether you have tried mindfulness before or this is your first-ever experience, I hope you enjoy.

Wishing you all a peaceful and present weekend…

… And breathe

Much love


If you would like to book an online mindfulness consultation, were you can practice mindfulness one-to-one from the comfort of your own home with me, contact me on:

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