Thank you everyone for taking the time to complete the Sentence Completion task from last week’s Thought Provoking Thursday.

What a beautiful range of sentences relating to mental health. I feel blessed to be able to share your amazing insights today, a day dedicated to the prevention of people dying due to mental health difficulties.

Our Online Community Reflections


Mental health is real.

Mental health is good.

Mental health is peace.

Mental health is health.

Mental health is complex.

Mental health is important.

Mental health is everything.

Mental health is serenity.

Mental health is a ‘team effort’.

Mental health is worth looking after.

Mental health is not easy to understand.

Mental health is The foundation of one’s wellness

Mental health is Whole-body wellness.

Mental health is easy to overlook. 

Mental health is one hell of a conundrum.

Mental health is not separate from the rest of our bodies.

Mental health is is an ever evolving and changing experience encompassing every aspect of what it is to be human

Mental health is a journey that can at times take the scenic route before continuing forward to a more healing place.

Mental health is closely tied to physical energy. As Andrew Soloman says, ‘the opposite of depression is not happiness, it’s vitality’.

Mental health is something that should be so much easier to talk about. EVERY PERSON OUT THERE knows of someone who suffered with lots of different problems.

Mental health is as important as physical health and impacts physical health.
(It doesn’t get more physical than life and death).

Mental health is influenced by biological-psychological-social-emotional-spiritual factors and we need to consider all these areas to help improve our Mental Health!

If you have not completed your sentence we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

We are continuing these sentence completion tasks every Thursday for the rest of September. Make sure to join in. There is so much for us to learn from each other.

Much love


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