Talking about suicide and everything surrounding it can be extremely difficult and daunting, whether you are the person experiencing suicidal thoughts or trying to be there for someone who is. We often don’t know what to say or we feel so unprepared for such difficult conversations we might want to walk away. Painful emotions can be brought to the forefront by both parties.

Being able to talk about suicide is one of many things that can save lives. Understanding the various degrees and ways suicidal thoughts occur can take the pure panic we can feel down to a manageable level.

It is only a start, and needs some work, but I put together this diagram today to help us think about all the different ways thoughts and feelings about not wanting to suffer any more can happen. Perhaps if we could talk about these things more freely, and with less fear, people who need help would be able to reach out quicker and loved ones would feel less overwhelmed.

Take care of yourselves and each other 💜.

Remember to seek professional help if you need too. There is no shame in asking for help. Suicidal thoughts are a sign you are suffering and we all need help when we are feeling this way….ALL OF US.

Suicide can be an extremely difficult thing to think about, so well done everyone.

Gentle virtual hugs

Dr. Krissy

Diagram illustrating the extremely varied experiences suffering can bring.

(Notice there are many steps between the emotional difficulties at the bottom and the thing we are trying to prevent at the top) 

Suicidal ideation

2 thoughts on “How can we help empower people to be able to talk about suicide?

  1. Thanks Kristina. Great to add to the latest helpful discussion on suicide, Making positive plans ahead of suicidal thoughts for people prone to them is also considered useful. BBC’s recent documentary on male suicide is an illustration of this.


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